The demand for software tools for Engineering Simulation* are exploding to support the demand for increased competitiveness and to deal with the rapidly growing complexity of products, processes, and systems. At the same time, we are struggling to keep up with our current demand for experts who are able to use these tools effectively. Since these sophisticated tools are extremely complex and limited to use by highly specialized experts, the actual growth in usage and benefit of these technologies is directly related to the available expertise. This has resulted in an inability to meet the rapidly growing demand for a higher reliance on more realistic virtual Engineering Simulations.

The ASSESS Initiative was formed initially by Cyon Research and intrinSIM for guiding and influencing the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering, with the primary objective of expanding the use and business benefit of these tools. ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid-2016 to focus on taking the ASSESS vision forward.

*Engineering Simulation as used by the ASSESS Initiative refers to Analysis, Simulation and Systems Engineering technologies and associated usage in the engineering applications domain.


3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress
Nov 1-3, 2017
Potomac, MD USA

ASSESS 2017 Congress
Nov 1-3, 2017
Potomac, MD USA

AIAA Aerospace Sciences
Jan 8-12, 2018
Orlando, FL USA


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