ASSESS 2016 Congress

The 1st Annual ASSESS Congress was held in January 2016 at the Bolger Center in Potomac, MD, bringing together the key participants to review the status, issues, goals and actionable items of the ASSESS Initiative. The role of the ASSESS 2016 Congress was to guide and influence software development and strategies, expanding the use and practical scope of software for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. 

85 participants consisting of a Who’s-Who of the simulation software community participated in ASSESS 2016 Congress held in Potomac, MD. The ASSESS 2016 participants explored 7 key themes for the ASSESS Initiative to establish: current state, mission/objectives, obstacles, and next steps.

  1. Democratization of Engineering Simulation (DoES)
  2. Engineering Simulation Confidence/Governance
  3. Business Challenges
  4. The Intersection of Systems Modeling and Classical Simulation
  5. Aligning Commercial, Government & Research Interests and Efforts
  6. Potential Game Changers
  7. Looking forward

The closing of the ASSESS 2016 Congress was earmarked by an impassioned plea from Rod Dreisbach (formerly of Boeing) to form alliances to develop harmonized visions for Engineering Simulation across industry, academia, government, professional organizations, and CAx vendors. Rod set the challenge to collaborate in developing Engineering Simulation environments for experiencing realistic multiphysical response simulations at the speed of human thought.


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Today these sophisticated tools are extremely complex and limited to use by highly specialized experts.


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ASSESS 2016 Congress Presentations

Keynote Presentations:

The Defense M&S Enterprise – Pain, Relief, Wishes

by Mr. Jesse J. Citizen  Director, Defense Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office (DMSCO), Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering

Democratization of Structural Analysis Using Meta-Code and Webapps

by M. Z. Eckblad, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Intel

Challenges of Collaboration through Shared Models

by Roger Burkhart, Technology Architect, John Deere

Evolution, Revolution, & the Next New Generation of Engineering Simulation

by Rod Dreisbach, Retired, The Boeing Company

ASSESS Presentations:  

Opening Remarks

by Joe Walsh , CEO, ASSESS Initiative LLC and Brad Holtz, CEO, Cyon Research

Closing Remarks

by Joe Walsh , CEO, ASSESS Initiative LLC and Brad Holtz, CEO, Cyon Research

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A Who’s-Who of the simulation software community participate in ASSESS2016:

  • Adrian Gheorghe, Batten Endowed Chair, System of Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University
  • Anatoly Vershinin, CTO, Fidesys
  • Andreas Vlahinos, Principal, Advanced Engineering Solutions
  • Andrew Gusev, Deputy General Director, Business Development, Fidesys
  • Bill Schindel, President, ICTT System Sciences
  • Bob Bishop, President & Founder, International Center for Earth Simulation Foundation
  • Bob Deragisch, Director, Engineering Services, Parker Hannifin
  • Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research
  • Brian Huf, Enterprise Solutions Architect, MSCSoftware
  • Brian Rohde, Senior Manager, Product Management, Dassault Systemes Spatial
  • Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research
  • Chris Wilkes, President & CEO, Sigmetrix
  • Christian Jacobsen, Director, Mechanical Development, Grundfos
  • Christoph Reichenbach, Junior Professor, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main
  • Chuck Paulsen, Vice-President, AMPS Technologies
  • David Knezevic, CTO, Akselos
  • David Long, President, INCOSE
  • David Vaughn, Global Vice-President, Marketing, CD-adapco
  • Dennis Nagy, Principal, BeyondCAE
  • Don Tolle, Director, Systems Engineering & Simulation Practice, CIMdata
  • Dov Dori, Professor, MIT & Technion
  • Fabien Letailleur, Senior Market Intelligence Specialist, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA
  • Feng Yang, Professor, Institute of Simulation Engineering, National University of Defense Technology
  • Fouad El Khaldi, General Manager, Strategy & Innovation, ESI Group
  • Frank Ding, Analysis & Computing Manager, Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Fred Streitz, Chief Computational Scientist & Director of HPC Innovation Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Geoffrey Butlin, CEO, ITI
  • Glenn Valine, Director, Engineering IS/IT, GKN Driveline
  • Greg Fallon, Vice-President, Simulation Product Line, Autodesk
  • Hubertus Tummescheit, CEO, Modelon
  • Hugh Thornburg, PETTT Technical Lead, Engility
  • Hyman Duan, Chief Engineer, Consulting, PERA Corporation
  • Jack Ring, Systemist, Educe
  • Jakob Vernersen, Head of Mechanics, Grundfos
  • Jay Vleeschhouwer, Managing Director, Griffin Securities
  • Jed Shilling, Senior Advisor, Millennium Institute
  • Jesse Citizen, Director, Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office, Department of Defense (DOD)
  • Joe Dunne, Partner Manager, Onshape
  • Joe Walsh, CEO, IntrinSIM
  • John Chawner, President & Co-Founder, Pointwise
  • John Ditter, Vice-President, Engineering, Flow Science
  • Juan Betts, Managing Director & CEO, Front End Analytics
  • Karlheinz Peters, Director, International Business Development, IntrinSIM
  • Keith Hanna, Director of Marketing & Product Strategy, Mechanical Analysis Division, Mentor Graphics
  • Keith Meintjes, Practice Manager, Simulation and Analysis, CIMdata
  • Ken Welch, Founder & CEO, SIMSOLID
  • Lars Bomholt, CEO, Zurich MedTech
  • Laura Michalske, Health Care Modeling and Simulation Manager, Procter & Gamble
  • Leonid Korelshteyn, Deputy Director, Science, Piping Systems Research & Engineering
  • Luis Ortiz Hernandez, Embedded Systems Engineer, Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Magnus Gäfvert, CEO, Modelon AB
  • Malcolm Panthaki, CTO & Founder, Comet Solutions
  • Marc Halpern, Vice-President of Research, Industry Advisory Services, Manufacturing, Gartner
  • Mark Shephard, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Matt Ladzinski, Vice-President, NAFEMS
  • Monica Schnitger, President, Schnitger Corporation
  • Naji El Masri, COO, Noesis Solutions NV
  • Nanda Santhanam, Senior Software Architect, Simulation and Material Science, Autodesk
  • Nicolas Tillet, Product Portfolio Manager, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
  • Oleg Skipa, Team Leader, Mesh Generation Technology, Computer Simulation Technology
  • Patrick Champati, Senior Vice-President, Altair Engineering
  • Patrick Grimberg, Director, DPS
  • Phil Christensen, Vice-President, Offshore & Marine, Bentley Systems
  • Pieter Mosterman, Senior Research Scientist, MathWorks
  • Prasad Mandava, CEO, Visual Collaboration Technologies
  • Ravi Shankar, Director, Simulation Marketing, Siemens PLM
  • Ricardo Actis, CEO & Director of Engineering, ESRD
  • Rod Dreisbach, Senior Technical Fellow, Computational Structures Technology, (Retired), The Boeing Company
  • Roger Burkhart, Technology Architect, John Deere
  • Sam Saltiel, Chief Communications Officer, BETA CAE Systems
  • Scott Hutchinson, Senior Manager, R&D Science and Engineering, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Scott Leemans, Composites Engineer, AlphaBet [X]
  • Scott Ragon, Director, Technical Business Development, Phoenix Integration
  • Scott Shaw, Product Stream Leader, Airbus
  • Seb Dewhurst, Director, Business Development, EASA
  • Steve Coy, President, TimeLike Systems
  • Steve Levine, Executive Director, Virtual Human Modeling, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA
  • Tao Wang, Vice-President, National University of Defense Technology
  • Ted Blacker, Department Manager, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Ted Lin, Managing Director, AMPS Technologies
  • Tom Spirka, Technical Manager, Simpleware
  • Tor Hansen, Managing Director, Ceetron
  • Trevor Robinson, Professor, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Wolfgang Gentzsch, President, UberCloud
  • Zack Eckblad, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Intel