The primary goal of the ASSESS Initiative is to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and utility of Engineering Simulation, leading to significantly increased usage and business benefit from model based Engineering Simulation technologies across the full spectrum of industries, applications and users. Engineering Simulation technologies include simulation, analysis, systems engineering, and simulation-driven design used in the engineering application domain.

The ASSESS initiative has been organized around a key set of themes associated with expanding the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation. The ASSESS Congress provides an opportunity for key participants to explore and progress these themes in depth. In addition to the ASSESS Congress, theme focused working groups have been established to move the actionable themes forward between each annual ASSESS Congress by providing direction and guidance related to the mission, goals, activities, deliverables and collaborations for each ASSESS theme.

Alignment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts
Business Challenges
Engineering Simulation Confidence & Governance
Democratization of Engineering Simulation
Generative Design
Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-System Simulations

The ASSESS Initiative will interact and collaborate with multiple activities and organizations across the complete spectrum of Engineering Simulation for each theme including NAFEMS, INCOSE, IEEE, CIMdata, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, and others.

The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to guide and influence Engineering
Simulation software strategies.